Dominion Post coverage of the NZ post survey scandal

Posted on June 24, 2011


The following is a link to the coverage by the Dominion Post of New Zealand Post’s survey of personal information.

Some of the notable comments:

wayne   #11   04:37 pm Jun 20 2011 If you have completed the details giving them permission to use the data what right do you have to complain that they are using it? This is not new, they have been collecting the new mover data for years and selling the lists.
Frank_M   #3   09:34 am Jun 20 2011 Well, that will send the public’s trust in NZ Post plummetting. I doubt very many will trust any future surveys from them.
… these seem to suggest many people are unsurprised at the sale of their personal information. Where they disagree is over whether NZ Post should be criticised or those who ‘naively’ fill the survey out. Is it the public’s responsibility to know about this or the institution? Both are trying to make money, with the prizes on offer and the sale of the info. Does anyone actually care about their privacy?
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