Verizon comes clean about on-selling

Posted on November 1, 2011


LINK to Houston news


Verizon in the US recently came clean about on-selling personal data to third parties for marketing. The data being sold is collected through cell-phones and smart-phones to give a person’s location, downloaded smartphone apps and websites visited, as well as age and gender. The public statement says:

“these insights may include the demographics (age ranges, gender, etc.) and interests (such as “pet lovers” or “tennis enthusiasts”) of visitors to a Web site, or commuters who might pass an outdoor billboard.”

“The Verizon Wireless relevant ad program will help brands present relevant ads on customers’ mobile devices by using the postal address and other consumer information, such as their device type, demographic and interest information.  For instance, if you live near a restaurant, you may see ads for that restaurant.”

I wonder whether Telecom or any of the other NZ companies are doing the same thing. There seems to be little information on this kind of thing in NZ.

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