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OFF-GRID: all the ways your personal data is collected…

November 2, 2011


Off-grid blogger TECHSTAR offers a somewhat depressing list of all the ways personal data is collected from everyday people. The article begins with the infamous Scott McNealy quote “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” Advertisements

Verizon comes clean about on-selling

November 1, 2011


LINK to Houston news LINK to FOX Verizon in the US recently came clean about on-selling personal data to third parties for marketing. The data being sold is collected through cell-phones and smart-phones to give a person’s location, downloaded smartphone apps and websites visited, as well as age and gender. The public statement says: “these […]

The strange reality of “People-searching” (US)

September 7, 2011


Spokeo, Intelius and ZabaSearch are three websites that allow you to search a wealth of information on anyone in the US. Searching my first and last name on ZabaSearch (free) offered over 1000 results from the US, an initialled middle name brought the number down to 64, most of whom had phone number, date of […]

POLITICS.HU (Hungary): Hungary’s data protection ombudsman lays down the law about personal surveys.

August 20, 2011


“Ombudsman rules personal data in govt survey be destroyed” “According to the ombudsman, the bar code in the header of each questionnaire makes the sheets “unique and personal”, and respondents could be identified. Jori also said that the waiver attached to each questionnaire “would allow for nearly unlimited handling” of the personal data of respondents.”

Stephen Bell Opinion Piece on Google+ name criteria

August 17, 2011


Computer World writer Stephen Bell (NZ) takes a look at the way Google+ restricts usernames to something that sounds like a real name. “The company has displeased some potential users by insisting they use their real names or at least a name by which they are well-known and which looks like a conventional name.” Interesting […]

Video advertising an application which fills out personal survey data automatically

August 15, 2011


“it saves you a lot of time.” Apparently this application automatically fills out data for personal surveys, ostensibly to save time. Thankfully the video’s author advises not adding information such as your credit card details.