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UK is showing some confidence in personal data security

November 1, 2011


A SURVEY by the Information commissioner’s office in the UK shows that 49% of the respondents were confident of the way businesses use their personal data in terms of security, as reported by V3. The accompanying article presents this finding as ‘less than half’ of respondants being confident, and notes that it underlines the importance for […]

The strange reality of “People-searching” (US)

September 7, 2011


Spokeo, Intelius and ZabaSearch are three websites that allow you to search a wealth of information on anyone in the US. Searching my first and last name on ZabaSearch (free) offered over 1000 results from the US, an initialled middle name brought the number down to 64, most of whom had phone number, date of […]

POLITICS.HU (Hungary): Hungary’s data protection ombudsman lays down the law about personal surveys.

August 20, 2011


“Ombudsman rules personal data in govt survey be destroyed” “According to the ombudsman, the bar code in the header of each questionnaire makes the sheets “unique and personal”, and respondents could be identified. Jori also said that the waiver attached to each questionnaire “would allow for nearly unlimited handling” of the personal data of respondents.”

Stephen Bell Opinion Piece on Google+ name criteria

August 17, 2011


Computer World writer Stephen Bell (NZ) takes a look at the way Google+ restricts usernames to something that sounds like a real name. “The company has displeased some potential users by insisting they use their real names or at least a name by which they are well-known and which looks like a conventional name.” Interesting […]

NZ Herald: Smartphones test for new privacy law

August 8, 2011


LINK “Any site on the web could personalise itself to react to where you are as well as who you know,” says Coates. Combine automatic “geotagging” (geographical identification) with blog posts, photos, tweets and so on, and suddenly you have “a hyper local sense” of what people are thinking – “what everyone in Nebraska thinks […]

NZ post privacy policy for the Lifestyle survey

July 1, 2011


Privacy policy here