Digital inheritance?

Posted on November 1, 2011


link (Digital Trends)

A recent survey raises the issue of digital inheritance, with people leaving the passwords to personal information and data in their wills. This includes photos, videos, music and access to facebook accounts and other webpages. Although the survey was targeted at Brits, it would be unsurprising to find it happening here in NZ.

It suggests a willingness by ‘everyday people’ to want to preserve their memory and history, which is nothing new. What is new is the medium, with online data becoming a massive presence in our regular lives. People are keen to leave a digital footprint, to hang on to the things which made them who they are throughout their lives.

It also suggests a need to keep this data safe, to protect the things which we leave online from the prying eyes of the internet, and those that might want to trade in this information.

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